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Crimson wave-1

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Each Tablet 250mg Contains

Ashok Chall        61mg

Shudh Hing        61mg

Hira Kasis           61mg

Alua                    61mg

Beer Buti              6mg

Binding Agent        Qs


Useful In Monthly menstrual cycle Disorder, Stimulates

Endometrium ,Improves Uterine

Circulation And Reduces Lower

Abdominal Pain And Physical Fatigue.



1 review for Crimson wave-1

  1. Shweta Tripathi

    my menstrual cycle was upset This time has been 3.5 months and the period has not come. Due to that I am facing major health problems like, swelling in body, body pain, hair fall. when i meet to Dr jassi he give me crimson wave -1 and crimson wave -2 i had took just 1 month i was happy when my period was start after 45 days thanks Natural Look and Dr Jassi

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