Ayurveda & Yoga


We Introduce Ourselves As We Are Treating By Ayurveda, Yoga , Acupressure Reflexology And Natural Remedies From 2014  Onwards.  We Have Organised  Free Check Up Camps In Various Places In India . We Cured And Treated Chronic Disceases Like PCOD, PCOS , Menstruation Cycles, Leucorrhoea, Arthrites, Diabetics, Depression, Migraine Sinus , Snoring, Piles, Abdominal Problems (Liver, Constipation, Spleen, Stomach Pain, Gastric), All Joints Problems Like Arthrites, Spondylytis Cervical , Cramps , Skin Disceases , Acne , Eczema , Psoriasis ).

These Are The Following Therapies We Are Giving:-

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine
  2. Natural Remedies
  3. Yoga Exercises
  4. Acupressure Reflexology
  1. Steam Therapy
  2. Wax Therapy
  3. Tense Therapy
  4. Charopater
  5. Massage Therapy
  6. Magnetic Therapy