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Detoxify Your Body with Fruits juices and Beverages

Detoxify Your Body with Fruits juices and Beverages

Summer  is knocking on the door! It’s time for some foods and beverages to detoxify your body after long and harsh winter. Wait, are you new to the world of detox? Let me help you by throwing light on what detox really means.

What is Detoxing?

In simple words, detoxing is the process of eliminating toxins and impurities from our body and helping our body in getting a fresh and radiant look. It is mainly going organic and saying yes to a healthy life.

Benefits of Detoxing:

Detoxing means free from toxins. It is a step by step process that focuses on each organ to get rid of toxic elements from our body. Several health benefits associated with detoxing are:

  • Sipping detox drink on daily basis helps in keeping our body hydrated for long and flushes all harmful toxins.
  • It keeps us energetic and active throughout the day.
  • It cleanses the digestive system and eliminates waste products.
  • Weight loss is one of the best results of taking detox drink regularly.
  • It boosts your metabolism phenomena.
  • Detox drinks help in the smoother functioning of Liver.
  • Detox is also recommended for person suffering from insomnia.

If you are looking to keep yourself healthy and fit this summer, simply hitting the gym won’t work. Make some extra effort by including these 15 detox foods in your diet for long-lasting health benefits to your body.

Foods and Beverages to Detoxify Your Body:

1. Apples:

The saying “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away” really makes me think what makes this fruit so special that every time it is advised to include it in our daily diet. Why not orange or a banana? The answer lies in the fact that Apple has properties that no other fruit possesses. It is packed with fibers that cleanse the intestinal tract and flushes out all unwanted toxins and undigested foods. That’s the reason it is suggested to eat Apple daily and stay away from visiting your doctor.

You can also prepare a fresh apple juice and sip it. It makes a rich antioxidant drink and helps Liver and Kidney to function well.

2. Avocados:

Many are unaware of the fact that Avocados contain the best type of fat that helps in removing toxins from the body. Though eating fats are considered unhealthy but this fat fruit is equally important when you are on your detox diet as it stimulates the release of bile from the gallbladder.

Remember:  The gallbladder holds bile produced in the liver until it is needed for the digestion of fatty based foods.

Avocados also help in making you feel more satisfied when you are on a detox diet.

3. Cucumber Mint Detox Drink:

This Cucumber Mint detox drink is the best of all. When we add mint with the antioxidant-rich cucumber and lemon, it makes the perfect drink to give a soothing break from bustling heat. Cucumber and mint helps in reducing bloat while lime provides Vitamin C. Try this cool detox drink this summer.

4. Basil:

A herb for all summer problems! The Basil Detox drink makes a great way to start your day with a glowing skin. Either you can make a smoothie out of it by mixing some fruits or can prepare a Lemon Basil detox tea. Basil not only helps in cleansing your body but also helpful in reducing weight. So next time when you see a basil plant, pluck some leaves and enjoy the magic of this flavorsome and detoxifying herb.

5. Almonds:

Make a habit of eating almonds every day and stay healthy. Almonds make a great crunchy snack for detox but make sure to buy a good organic and raw almonds to avoid extra fat and salt. It is rich in many components like fiber, usable protein, calcium and magnesium. Added to this, it also stabilizes blood sugar and helps in removing impurities from the bowels.

6. Pomegranate Juice:

Detox your body by adding Pomegranate juice to your diet and boost your immunity. Pomegranate is usually famous for its tempting deep red seeds. These seeds are red due to the presence of Anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant. This antioxidant protects our body from DNA damage, the risk of allergies, inflammation, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Pomegranate helps in intestinal cleansing and has abundance of detox benefits. This is why it is given high importance in Ayurveda. It also slows the skin aging. So, start taking pomegranate juice daily from today and detox all toxins from your body.

7. Broccoli:

Your mom says to eat broccoli and you start making faces. But have you ever thought what is the reason behind their continuous call for eating this green plant?

Broccoli has a strong positive impact on our digestive system. Broccoli sprouts are filled with the antioxidant property that helps in detoxing the enzymes present in the digestive system. Glucoraphanin, Gluconasturtiin and Glucobrassicin are three dynamic trios of nutrients that help in neutralizing and eliminating unwanted contaminants, giving us a lighter feel.

So next time when your mom serves this mini trees for lunch or dinner, enjoy every bite of it as you are going to get toxin-free body.

8. Carrots:

Carrots are most effective detox component that have a high antioxidant level. It is rich in minerals and vitamin A that fights common summer digestive problems, prevents constipation and keep the stomach clean.

9. Refreshing Coconut Water and Mint Detox:

A quick delight that needs only 3 ingredients; Coconut Water, Lemon and Mint. Liver is the main organ that works hard to get rid of all body toxins. When we intake detox drink, it cleanses all the harmful toxins from the liver and intestinal tract, ultimately leaving you refreshed for entire day.

10. The 2 G’s – Garlic and Ginger:

Garlic and Ginger are two ancient herbs incredibly famous for its flavor and aroma when cooked with different dishes.

Garlic helps in cleaning intestinal parasites and harmful bacterias from the body while Ginger helps in the detoxification process via perspiration. Both help in aiding digestive relative problems and getting rid of harmful substances or toxins present inside the body.

Treat yourself with Ginger tea every morning that effectively soothe the body and mind and add garlic to your foods for a toxin-free diet.

11. Lemons:

Neither one nor two, lemons contain more than 20 anticancer compounds. Sipping fresh lemon juice daily in summer helps in maintaining body’s pH levels. They have an abundance of Vitamin C stored in it and is great for liver detoxification.

12. Litchi Lemonade:

Ever tasted Litchi Lemonade! This summer cooler drink cleanses our vital organs like liver and kidney as well as delight our taste buds by packing the flavors of two favorite summer detox ingredients – litchi and lemonade.

13. Onions:

This sulfur-containing compound acts as one of the most powerful detoxes that cleanses the Liver and help in releasing toxins. Experts suggest that foods which are naturally high in sulfur also help the body to detox from heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium.

14. Turmeric:

From childhood, you might have seen your mother sprinkling a yellow color spice on foods. This yellow spice is known as Turmeric, mostly famous for its medicinal properties, as well as a food coloring key ingredient.

Turmeric helps to treat digestion and liver disorders. When we consume turmeric, it supports the liver process that helps to detox the blood, reduce inflammation, and prevent internal blood clotting.

15. Aam Panna – Raw Mango Salted Juice:

Summer season means Mango season. Aam Panna is a desi favorite detox drink made of raw mango pulp. It is then flavored with cumin seeds and mint leaves which adds a perfect taste to the drink, enticing our taste buds. This drink is refreshing as well as energizing too.

Summer means endless backyard parties, too many junks and late night out indulging with friends. Don’t get frustrated for eating too many treats. Just add these 15 detox foods and beverages and see the result. Switching to these detoxifying foods and drinks will help to naturally reset the metabolism process in your body, balances your hormones, boost weight loss and make you feel light and refreshed this summer

5 Best Detox Water Juices

  1. Lemon And Mint Detox Water

Lemon is the most used fruit during summers. It’s extensively used in summer coolers and traditional health drinks in India and around the world. Lemon boosts weight loss and also helps in rejuvenating your skin. Add a few leaves of mint of pudina to the mix and you have a winner of a detox drink that cools you down naturally, aides in weight loss, maintains digestive health and keeps you hydrated.

  1. Cucumber Detox Water

Cucumber is a summer gourd that is an essential diet addition during the season. Cucumber is also a rich source of vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. It has detoxifying properties and is also low in calories. Cucumber can also help in weight loss as it curbs appetite and is full of satiating fiber.

  1. Apple And Cinnamon Detox Water

Apple and cinnamon is a fat burning combination that you can use to your advantage this summer. You can even add in a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to the drink, to boost its fat burning power. Cinnamon is a spice which naturally boosts your metabolism, while apple keeps you full for longer.

  1. Grapefruit Detox Water

Grapefruit may be one of the best fat burning fruits out there. When eaten before your meals, this citrus fruit may help you in losing weight. It’s incredibly nutritious too. Add a few pieces of grapefruit to your infused waters to increase their fat burning capacity and make them naturally sweeter.

  1. Orange Detox Water

Oranges are loaded with vitamin C, which are great for a healthy skin. The vitamin also helps convert fat into energy, instead of storing it in the body. Add a few pieces of this citrusy fruit to your detox drinks and you have a summer refresher that also helps you cut fat.




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